Enterprise Mobility Solutions

We provide the consulting and advice necessary to identify, assess and apply mobility use cases to your organisation, regardless of industry or scale.

Defining clear use cases ensures that your BYOD and mobility strategy aligns to tangible and measurable benefits. The Logicalis Mobility Experience Framework allows the CIO, the business, and business units to work together to build the use cases that will define the ultimate success of your BYOD and mobility experience strategy.

To create a seamless mobile experience for your employees means addressing some subtle complexities: for example, agreeing upon acceptable and enforceable corporate policies around device ownership, the mixing of personal and business applications and data on the same device, and local regulations.

We provide the expertise and advice necessary to bring the IT professionals together with people from the wider business (HR, accountants, unions or work councils, legal counsel) as needed to make the right decisions for your organisation and its employees. 

We enable you to re-build and redefine your network environment to securely serve many more devices, many more services, and the many more applications that will make the mobile experience the rich experience demanded by the business and its employees.

Device management

Mobility means extending a new IT experience to smartphones, tablets and laptops. In the end, the success of your mobility strategy will depend upon the quality of experience your users receive.

As well as providing the necessary device, application and data security, Mobile Device Management defines the user experience.

Service models

Supporting new mobile experience environments takes a mix of support and service consumption strategies for people who use IT systems from anywhere, and at anytime.

We provide the range of support, managed services and cloud solutions that will accelerate adoption levels for your mobility strategy.

Mobility: How to guide