The Logicalis Mobility Experience Framework

The Mobility Experience Framework is a clearly defined process which guides you through the technical, security and policy aspects you must consider when forming your own BYOD and mobility strategy.

We facilitate dialogues between the different groups that need to be involved, and we guide you through the design and implement phases. We help you to not only meet your increasing user expectations, but to create real business benefits too. 

There are 6 key aspects to the framework: 

Our consultative approach enables all of this, and makes sure it is aligned to measurable business outcomes. You benefit from faster decision-making, higher service levels and a better bottom line.

So why isn't everyone leaping in?

Mainly it's because of perceived risk around policy, costs and security in what is, after all, new territory for many people.

But it isn't new to Logicalis.

We're already helping organisations embrace mobility by taking a highly practical, consultative approach.

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